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core doctrines.

Word Based

Our fundamental conviction is that the Bible is God's word and should shape all that we believe and do. We believe in the absolute truthfulness, sufficiency and final authority of Scripture. The Bible has a central place in governing doctrine, practice, ethos and patterns of church life.

Holy Spirit

We rejoice with every gift that the Spirit gives and seek to express and develop those in our church life, both in worship and mission. We believe, every believer should be filled with the Spirit as part of God’s desire to empower us for Christian life and witness. While all genuine believers are indwelt by the Holy Spirit at conversion, the New testament indicates the importance of an ongoing, empowering work of the Spirit subsequent to conversion as well.

Grace Filled

Grace is the undeserved kindness of God. It is seen most clearly in the Father sending his Son to die for us and in giving his Spirit to enable us to live for him.  We believe churches start, restart and multiply where this attitude is reflected in every aspect of church life.

leadership values.


We value and celebrate the leadership gift of both men and women and release them into serving. We also acknowledge the biblical pattern that in the home the husband has the God given responsibility to be head of the family and in the church, gifted men as elders.


While appointed by the Holy Spirit, elders function by leading, feeding, guarding and guiding the church. One of the elders provides leadership to the eldership team.

Ephesians 4

All Ephesians 4 gifts are valid today and help bring churches to maturity and to equip men and women to fulfill their God given ministry.

Servant Hearted

Christian leadership, in its essence, is a call to be an example not an exception. We follow in the example of Jesus that Christian leaders are to serve others, not be served. Christian leadership should be godly, transparent and accessible.

mission values.

Committed Relationships

Open, genuine relationships are key to all we do. We aim to build churches that are loving communities.

Read more about our values here.


Mission is what, we as a Commission church exist for. The building of relationships, planting of churches, and all we do is with a view to reaching a lost world for Christ and seeing his kingdom advance. We desire to see local churches effectively and fruitfully engaged in local mission and caught up with global apostolic mission.

Vision Statement

Mission Statement

our mission is to



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Living Hope Church is led by men and women of all ages and backgrounds, guided by a Leadership Team.


Because we are convinced that God uses very ordinary people to do extraordinary things, we believe that the task of senior leaders is to serve those they lead, bringing the best out of all the wonderful men and women that God entrusts to us. Vinu and Julie Paul lead Living Hope Church, where Vinu is the Lead Elder and is supported by an Eldership and Leadership Team, who oversee the various aspects of our daily church life.



Commission is an international family of churches working together to see thousands of lives transformed through hundreds of churches in tens of nations.


Newfrontiers is a group of apostolic leaders partnering together on global mission, joined by common values and beliefs, shared mission and genuine relationships.

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