Youth – J Walkers

J Walkers

The LHC youth are an aspiring versatile, vibrant and unique group of individuals of 16-20 (College Going) years living out their lives for Christ. They demonstrate maturity in the kingdom and exude the language of sonship through Christ. A responsible generation rooted in the grace of God, living out their destinies as gospel centred saints. A talented young genre set on taking Christ to their colleges, careers and the streets with a burning desire to see transformation in society.

Our manifold sure goal and vision for the youth is to establish young adults:

  • Who are clear in their call – who hear their Father’s voice and are led by the Spirit with unshakable confidence.
  • Who are passionate in prayer and their relationship with God.
  • Who are bold and serious about winning the lost and ‘bringing many sons to glory’.
  • Who are rooted in the Word of truth and make it the very foundation of their life and ministry.
  • Who resemble Jesus.

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