Project Hope


Project Hope empowers and enables disadvantaged people communities in the city of Mumbai, specifically covering the suburbs of Malad, Kandivli, Borivli and Dahisar, to improve their livelihoods by investing in them through medical assistance, education, sanitation, women empowerment and street-kids development.

By 2020, Project Hope aspires to be a significant voice advocating for change, justice and empowerment in these suburbs of Mumbai, touching and transforming the lives of over 100,000 men and women.


Project Hope will be a dynamic and relevant body with a strong Asian collective identity motivated towards:

i) Empower women at the grass-roots level to attain a status of dignity in and through skill development and enhancement, enabling them within their community to be active and responsible citizens of India


ii) Discourage street kids from begging and in turn cultivate a sense of belonging to their families, assisting them simultaneously to obtain education and attain employment


iii)Impart value education to the community at large through various programs designed to suit their needs, enrolling them in schools and colleges, specifically enabling them to stand on their own feet.


iv)Sanitation and cleanliness is of paramount importance, and working towards educating and sensitizing the community on hygiene and allied matters, concurrently building low-cost community toilets to assist the poor within the community, would be its prerogative.


v)Offer medical assistance and low-cost medical facilities to the community within the suburbs specified, seeking to alleviate their trials and challenges, otherwise impossible with high medical costs in the city of Mumbai.


vi)Engage in activities of a charitable nature to bring relief to any in need, but more specifically to the community within the periphery of Malad, Kandivli, Borivli and Dahisar.


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