Our History

Few families from Borivali travelled 25 kms every week to attend the Living Word Church in Bandra. What initially started as a weekly prayer meeting at Borivali grew to a Growth Team and then evolved into a church. Living Hope Church was set up as a plant out of Living Word Church in 1989 with 10 people.

During this period, Lex and Joe Loizides from U.K. visited India and lived in Borivali for nine months to help build the Church. They focused on evangelism and the Church slowly began to witness growth. When Lex returned back to UK, he handed over the responsibility of the Church to Gerson Coutinho, who led the Church along with Lucas Caldeira, Milton Patel and Arnold D’penha. Our numbers kept of increasing every year and Living Hope Church sent our people like Franco, Nelson, Donald, John Gajjale and Gerson for the larger work of God and today they are leading churches in various parts of the country.

In 1998, Gerson Coutinho, who was the elder of Living Hope Church and a pastoral man heard God and decided to move to Goa – a different state in India. Even though it was difficult for the people to comprehend, the church upheld God’s leading and released Gerson, raising the question of securing pastoral leadership for the Living Hope Church. The then apostolic team and other elders of Mumbai felt that it was appropriate for the leadership team to hold things together till God raises someone as a clear leader. The Church continued in that fashion for almost 6-9 months. Vinu Paul was asked to lead the Church and subsequently he was set aside as the pastor of Living Hope Church in 1999.


In 2014 we celebrated 25 years of our existence. Here is a small video which talks about our Journey.