Kids Work

Here in LHC we give a lot of importance to our kid’s work, since we believe they are an integral part of the body of Christ. Our desire is to see our kids caught up with the things of God right from this tender age.

According to different ages the kid’s work is divided into two classes. Kids from ages 4-7 are known as the famous KFC; which is Kids For Christ!… They are a lively bunch of enthusiastic n keen learners. They will even pull their parents to Church so they don’t miss out on class!
Our kids from ages 8-12 are part of the “Explorer’s Club”… This group of young girls n boys are on an adventure, who are now digging deeper n exploring God’s word!

Our kids from KFC n EC are eager to come to their special room which is brightly decorated with a lot of teaching aids. They are excited because they love to b a part of d story as the teacher uses creative methods to teach each lesson. They enjoy learning Memory Verses in many fun ways! At present the children are learning integrity, diligence, loyalty, wisdom and other Characteristics of God through various characters from the Bible n real life personalities of the past n recent times who stood by these Godly principles.

Our vision is to cultivate in our children of LHC a Christ-like character as they hear, learn n hide God’s word in their hearts. Nothin will bring us more joy than to see this generation live out their lives for Jesus n stand up for what they believe in!

It is encouraging when we as teachers find out that many of our kids actually put into action and apply the things they learn in class on Sundays. A lot of hardwork goes into preparing for each lesson but the fruit is rewarding!